BGS-University of Nottingham Collaboration

Holly Miller

Dr Holly Miller from the Department of Archaeology, University of Nottingham, has been appointed as a visiting research associate (VRA) with the British Geological Survey (BGS). Holly’s research interests include the use of isotopes in archaeological faunal material and is currently a research fellow on an AHRC Fallow Deer Project which aims to facilitate the integration of archaeology, history, geography and anthropology along with genetics and osteological research - to examine the circumstances and cultural significance of this species diffusion across Europe. Holly’s other interests include lithic (chipped stone) analysis prehistory of the Near East origins of nomadic pastoralism in the Southern Levant material culture of the Near East the development of lithic technologies, beads and personal adornment, and bead technology. Holly works closely with Dr Angela Lamb in the Stable Isotope Group, BGS.


3 March 2014