BritGeothermal people

The people who are associated with the BritGeothermal partnership.

Research manager

Dr Charlotte Adams — Durham University


Dr Jon Busby — British Geological Survey

Prof Jon Gluyas — Durham University

Prof David Manning — Newcastle University

Prof Paul Younger — Glasgow University


Prof Martin Bott — Emeritus Professor, Durham University

Prof Gillian Foulger — Professor of Geophysics, Durham University

Dr Rob Westaway — Senior Research Fellow, Glasgow University

Dr Simon Mathias — Reader, Durham University

Mr David Banks — Senior Research Fellow, Glasgow University

Dr Zhibin Yu — Lecturer, Glasgow University

Dr Manosh Paul — Senior Lecturer, Glasgow University


Cat Hirst - Low Enthalpy Geothermal Basins - PhD student, Durham University

Catherine Hodson - Multiphysics Simulation of Geothermal Engineering - Phd student, Durham University

Loraine Pastoriza - Characterization of the Southern Negros Geothermal Production Field, Negros Oriental, Philippines - Phd student, Durham University

Sotirios Kyriakis - Geothermal district heating modelling - PhD student, Glasgow University

Fernando Guerrero-Martinez - Geothermal reservoir modelling - PhD student, Glasgow University

Helen Robinson - Geothermal resource exploration - PhD student, Glasgow University

David Birks - Large-scale groundwater cooling systems - PhD student, Glasgow University

Aaron Williams - A conceptual hydrogeological model for fault related geothermal resources in Northern Britain - PhD student, Glasgow University

Nancy Kendi Muriungi - Seismic Tomography of Kenyan Geothermal Prospects - MSc student, Durham University


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